Where to live in Bordeaux – Opinion poll

We receive quite a few emails from people moving to Bordeaux asking where the best place to live is. Obviously this is different for everyone but […]

Lactation Consultancy in the Bordeaux region

Bordeaux Expats was recently contacted by Virginie for help publicising her services as a Lactation Consultant. She spent several years in Australia before starting her company […]

Mesdemoiselles Délicates – an inspirational Bordeaux start-up for caring parents!

Sophie, a friend of ours and ex-Montessori colleague of my missus recently launched a start-upselling a wide range of natural healthcare products and accessories.She would love […]

Bilingual School of Bordeaux – coming soon to Chartrons!

Located right in the middle of Chartrons, The Bilingual School of Bordeaux is opening soon and they are hiring!They will provide an educational program entirely in […]