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Bordeaux Airport

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport set for renovations

Development plans for the Bordeaux Mérignac airport are expected sooner rather than later with the increase of international travellers. The airport has seen approximately 6.2 million […]
Bordeaux Expats - Airport Tram Connection

Bordeaux Airport – Tram Connection previewed for 2021

The highly anticipated extension of the Tram Line A, to connect the Bordeaux Mérignac Airport, is slated for the end of 2021. The extension will create […]

Porte Cailhau – the Barbican of Bygone Bordeaux

When visitors first arrive in Bordeaux, they are usually blown away by the splendour and majesty of the city’s 18th century architecture, particularly Place de la […]
Bordeaux Rum France

Bordeaux – Rum Capital of France

As the city warms up for its first ever official rum festival in December, Bordeaux Expats takes a look into the astonishing history of the Bordeaux […]

How to drive on a French motorway

As new legislation is set to allow learner drivers on motorways, there is no better time to discover how France’s major roads aren’t just demented Mad […]
Cité du Vin Bordeaux

La Cité du Vin and Bordeaux Ferry

In 2016, Bordeaux saw the opening of the la Cité du Vin, our very own Wine Museum, of which has shaped the domestic and international tourism […]

Conceptual Artist – Danh Vo

Performance / conceptual artist Danh Vo is bringing a site-specific project to the CAPC this month to coincide with the European Night of the Museums. Vietnamese born, and Danish […]

Berit Simonsen ‘B’ for Bordeaux

Berit Simonsen left Denmark for France when she was 19 and instantly fell in love with French savoir-vivre and stayed for 28 years! After 10+ enjoyable […]

Langue et terroirs – French lessons in the heart of the Sud Ouest

Bordeaux Expats recently grabbed an interview with Langue et terroirs – a fresh approach to teaching French by taking students on the road… Happy reading! Langue […]
How to buy things in French

A guide to buying stuff in Bordeaux

When living or visiting France it’s always a good idea to know a few expressions to help you purchase items in France. Here’s a lighter side […]