Spotlight on Mark Brenner

Practically everyone in France has seen the name ‘Mark Brenner’ on a concert listing. And then there are those in the know… a loyal following that’s […]

Expat Living in Bordeaux – Jill Hanby II

The logistics of being an Expat in Bordeaux. by Jill Hanby So, in my last post (frowns and hopes you have read it) I talked about […]

Expat Living in Bordeaux – Jill Hanby III

The best and the worst of being an Expat by Jill Hanby Hello *waves manically* hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine we currently […]

BritGirl eats lunch

By Jill Hanby I am currently writing in a post-lunch haze. You know the feeling, you are all nice and warm, full of delicious food with […]