Bordeaux Expats - Susie Bridger Interview

Bordeaux Expat Interview – Susie Bridger

Susie Bridger, she is DesperateAngloHouseWives Bordeaux – blogger, feminist, a kiwi, ex corporate lawyer, business school professor, musician,cook…even attempted French Masterchef. Over 20 years in the […]
Jennifer Dombrowski - Luxe Adventure

Jennifer Dombrowski – Bordeaux-based international travel blogger

In the latest of our interview series, Bordeaux Expats had a chat with Jennifer Dombrowski, Luxe Adventure Traveler, an international travel blogger based in Bordeaux    Where […]
Derek Rose Videographer Bordeaux

Derek Rose – Independent Videographer in Bordeaux

Derek Rose is a freelance cameraman and video editor based in Bordeaux with over ten years experience. He has worked in both production and post-production, as well […]
Onlyess - French made skin products

Organic Skincare Products Made in Bordeaux

Created in July 2017, ONLYESS (“Only the essentials”) is a skincare brand entirely “Made in Bordeaux”. It is also the first brand to adopt a fully transparent […]