Le weekend

By Jill Hanby Pretty Bordeaux Hello tout le monde. ça va? I am writing this at the weekend, which is fairly unusual, but it has made […]

The Bodacious Bordelais Burger Quest

Royale with Cheese, by Chris Tighe  HAMBURGER [hæmˌbɜː(r)ɡə(r)] noun.   1. A native or inhabitant of the city of Hamburg. 2. A flat round cake of minced […]

Expat Snapshots – Le Café Danois

LE CAFE DANOIS by Chris Tighe With the most restaurants per capita in France (numbering over a thousand, Bordeaux certainly doesn’t lack for variety in choosing […]

The English Country Kitchen

Bringing a touch of elegance and stylish finesse to the Bordeaux brunch scene, the English Country Kitchen has recently opened its doors.  Tucked conveniently behind the UGC Gambetta […]